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Vatican Tour and Sistine Chapel

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Vatican and Sistine Chapel Guided Visit

A tour highlighting the most interesting aspects of the famous Vatican City Museums, featuring one of the largest and most spectacular art collections in the world, including the statues of ancient Rome and the Popes of Renaissance Greece, The Belvedere courtyard, the Muses Room, the circular room with Hercules, the Greek cross-country room with the Constantine sarcophagus, the gallery of maps overlooking the Vatican Gardens, Raffaello’s room and – at the end of the path – the Judgment Universal of Michelangelo, a stunning masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel.
You will travel through the history and secrets of the Catholic Church and listen to stories of rivalry among Renaissance artists. Continuing our Vatican Tour and Sistine Chapel Visit Guided through St. Peter’s Basilica you will be amazed by the masterpieces of the Baroque genius, Bernini (its canopy is the largest bronze object in the world), and the Pietà by Michelangelo, A statue that can not inspire temptation.
As you move to the Basilica, through a dim tunnel, our guides will point you to the Vatican Caves, the place of rest of many popes.
You will also have the opportunity to stop at the tomb of Pope John Paul II.
The Vatican Tour and Sistine Chapel Guided Tour end here.

* Shorts are not allowed. Shoulders and knees should be covered in order to access St. Peter’s Basilica.

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